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I stretch considerably but I really did not notice my flexibility improving much for a long time after until I began trying a new method. This technique is something I learned from my BJJ professor that is the best BJJ instructor on earth according to various BJJ magazines. In order to do a sport like BJJ for several years, you must develop healthy habits that join your life that are implemented daily. This way is done by performing static stretches following a hot bath. A sauna will work as well but I desire a hot bath. When you remain in hot water for about 20-30 minutes your tissues become very supple. You will notice your flexibility increase instantly and you will be capable of going in to stretches further than you usually do. If you continue performing stretches afters hot baths for a couple of weeks, you will cary over this new gained flexibility in your life and workouts.

Functional strength training

Think about make sure, not to do, is becoming ahead of your self and pushing way too hard during these seasons. Try and slowly increase your flexibility , nor push too hard or force anything. It's my job to stretch for 20 minutes from a 20 minute hot bath. Sometimes continue doing this routine 2-3 times for the way sore I am. It works wonders.

strength and conditioning

This will likely tremendously help your recovery and you will be a much more flexible athlete. BJJ players who have tight glutes and possess trouble playing guard should implement this routine. Judo athletes who want a better flexibility to execute techniques such as uchimata (wizard) must also try this as well. Thai boxers also can put this tool to good use. Athletes need to be more flexible to boost performance and prevent injury.

mixed martial arts

This is a great tip that will serve you well. Make likely to progress slowly.

Have a look at video below for a lot of static stretching exercises

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